Jun 06

Get Bikini Ready With Simple Steps from Fitness First

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yogaWith only weeks to go until bikini season, Fitness First have come up with a set of
simple but effective tips to help you step from the beach hut with confidence.
Fitness First Health & Fitness Expert, Paul Cheeseman’s 30 minute circuit workout is a
great way to combine cardio and weight training together so you can burn fat and
tone up at the same time as well as increase endurance and stamina. Combine this
with a positive mindset, and you’ll see a real difference on those legs, bums and tums!

Squat Jump

The squat jump will give your leg muscles a workout and get your heart pumping. Stand with
your feet roughly shoulder-width apart, then slowly bend your legs and arms to about 90
degrees at the same time. Once your thighs are parallel to the floor, explode into the air as
high as you can go. Land softly and repeat the motion again. Perform eight to 10 repetitions, or
20 to 25 seconds for a timed circuit. Modify the reps or time to suit your fitness level if the
workout seems too difficult or not difficult enough.

Jump Rope

Rope jumping is a staple of training systems such as boxing and martial arts. Jumping rope will
enhance your footwork, coordination and balance. Find a rope that just clears your head by a
few inches on each revolution. Practice different footwork combinations as you become more
comfortable. Jump rope for about 30 seconds as part of a beginner circuit routine. Increase
the time and intensity of the jumping as your fitness level progresses.


A burpee is a standard gym class type of movement that will work your entire body. Start in a
standing position and bend down to place your hands on the floor. Shoot both of your legs
backward into a push-up position, then bring them back to your chest quickly. Stand up and
repeat the movement for eight to 10 repetitions. For a timed circuit, try for 20 to 25 seconds of
continuous burpees. Modify the reps or time to suit your fitness level.


The basic push-up is an exercise that will strengthen your triceps, shoulders and chest. Including
push-ups in your circuit training routine will help to give a complete body workout. Do eight to
10 push-ups to start, then increase as your level of fitness increases. Perform push-ups for 10 to
20 seconds as part of a timed routine.


Lunges will strengthen and tone your thighs and buttocks. You can either step out into a lunge
position then return to the start and repeat, or alternate legs in a continuous walking motion
across the floor. Lunges can be performed with no added weight or with a dumbbell in each
hand for more of a challenge. Start with eight to 10 reps or 20 to 25 seconds and modify the
resistance or reps according to your fitness level.


The V-up can be a challenging exercise for people with weaker abdominal muscles. Lie on
your back and extend your arms up over your head. Raise your upper and lower body at the
same time, keeping your arms and legs straight to form a “V.” Lower yourself slowly and repeat.
Aim for eight to 10 repetitions or 20 seconds, but don’t push yourself too hard because the V-up
is a difficult exercise