Jun 20

Scottish Festivals Goers Find Recycling Happiness with Coca Cola

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Coca-Cola-personalised-bottles-mainCoca-Cola has brought recycling fun to Scotland this month, introducing its Happiness Recycled initiative at two festivals; RockNess and the Royal Highland Show. I love Coca Cola but I always make sure I recycle my old bottles.

The campaign engaged people to recycle by bringing fun to the process, disposing of empty Coca Cola bottles at the two events in a variety of interesting ways. Including interactive bins, games and performers. These included a a giant flower pot and the chance to test their shooting skills in a game of basketball.

Recyclegoers also got to watch fun ‘Flash mob’ performances from the Coca Cola Enterprise cheerleaders. 20,000 people attending the Rockness festival with several thousand receiving photos and recycling themed tattoo. Sounds like lots of fun.

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