Jun 17

South West Hair Loss Salon provides help for women like Nadine Dorries and Esther Rantzen

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South West “Hair Loss” Salon provides help for women like Nadine Dorries and Esther Rantzen who have spoken out about hair loss and thin hair

With celebrities like Esther Rantzen and MP Nadine Dorries highlighting the problems of thin hair and hair loss, more women are seeking out the services of Simone Thomas from Make-up, Wigs and Hair (MWAH) in Bournemouth.

This week Conservative MP and “I’m a Celebrity Get Me out of Here” contestant Nadine Dorries revealed her own hair loss brought on by a stressful year and her reaction to it. She called the condition a “confidence stealer,” likening it to when women have a mastectomy.

She said: “You’re losing your confidence and you’re losing your ability to go out and actually face the world because you think what identifies a woman are her hair and her breasts.”

Her announcement comes after Esther Rantzen revealed that she has worn a wig for over 30 years because of her own thin hair, but criticised the quality and staying powers of her own wigs.

[image]Simone Thomas who runs MWAH Bournemouth knows exactly how both these celebrities feel as she lost her own hair twice as a result of alopecia and then cervical cancer. Having worked in TV, Film and Magazine Modelling since the age of 18 Simone was forced to look for ways to cover up her hair loss, but found there was little on the market except for cheap and nasty looking wigs.

After taking several courses in Specialist Hair Extensions & Hair Loss Systems Simone set up a business that provides professional makeup services, hair extensions and hair loss systems to clients all over the UK and Europe. She sources the best products and systems and has a range of clientele that includes celebrities, TV companies, photographers and agents.

Simone has recently moved to Dorset from London and has opened her first all encompassing salon in Bournemouth called MWAH Bournemouth – Makeup, Wigs & Hair. Through her research she found there was nowhere in the South that catered for women who have suffered with hair loss from cancer treatment, thinning hair, premature fine hair, receding hair loss, female pattern hair loss, alopecia, trichotillomania, temporary hair loss or women who want thicker longer hair through safe hair extensions that are glue and adhesive free. With over 3 million dying from breast cancer in the region she identified a real need.

Simone says, “At my salon we don’t just find a solution to the hair loss or thinning but try to help with the underlying causes where we can, sometimes referring the client to a therapist and of course making sure that our products are free from any parabens that are linked to cancer.”

Hair loss is always going to be traumatic for the person involved, but as Nadine Dorries says, there is help available for both men and women who suffer from conditions like alopecia and temporary hair loss. MWAH Bournemouth means that there is now an expert service in the South West to help anyone who suffers from this condition.

Further information from www.mwahbournemouth.co.uk or email: mwahbournemouth@gmail.com or tel: 01202 760 003.