Jun 17

Spice Market at the W Hotel Restaurant Review.

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Spice Market is located in the fashionable and trendy W Hotel. One of the places to be seen in London. This is not the only Spice Market, there are now 4 of them located everywhere from Dubai to New York.

photo (72)

The food is South East Asian and is very good. They have a menu with variety which left me needing quite a while to choose what I wanted. It all looked so good and had some great twists. Eventually we ordered and our starters came with poppadums and chutney. Here is what we had.

Crab Dumblings

Sugar Snap Peas, Aromatic Spices

This starter was tasty. Great dumplings with a choice of three great sauces to dip into.



Crunchy Squid Saladphoto (73) Ginger, Papaya and Cashew.

I loved this starter. It was a very generous portion and all of the flavors worked well together. The squid was fried and the combination of the ginger and papaya went brilliantly with the crunchiness of the cashew nuts. A delicious starter that is just a bit different. Was spicy but not too much. This was also the only time I have had rocket on a plate and it has added to the dish rather than just being a plate filler. Was well marinated.

Red Curried Duck
Pineapple Sambal

This curried duck was amazing, The best dish of the evening. It was served in a beautiful pot. The sauce was creamy and tasty the duck was well cooked and the little cubes of pineapple burst in your mouth giving you a delightful shot of sweetness. Both our mains came with little bowls of perfectly cooked rice.

photo (74)Tempura Salt and Pepper Soft Shell Crab.
Thai Basil and Lime Sauce.

I liked this main but it was a bit similar to my starter and I would have liked some variety. This was completely my fault of course. The crab was well cooked and the sauce was tasty.

Ovaltine Kulfi

Caramelised banana, Spiced Mike Chocolate Sauce

This was like a deconstructed Banoffee pie. The waiter said it was rich and it was. It was very heavy. It tasted amazing though. If you love rich chocolate or banoffee pie. The caramlised bananas were perfect and the chocolate tasted amazing.

Thai Jewelsphoto (71)

Fruits with Crushed Coconut Ice.

This is Spice Market’s specialty. It is a wonderfully refreshing dessert. Exotic fruit on top of crushed coconut ice. Heavenly. A delicious and visually spectactular dessert.


We went through quite a lot of their cocktails just because they are so well made. They all have a twist on a classic, or are just purely original.

Ginger Margarita
Sauza ‘Hornitos’ Reposado Tequila, Ginger, Lime, Ginger Salt

This take on a Margarita is yummy. Will leave you wanting more.photo (70)

Passion Whiskey Sour
Bulleit Bourbon, Passion Fruit, Ginger Ale

This is strong but amazing.

Thai Smash
Belvedere Vodka, Grapefruit, Thai Basil

Refreshing and different. Tasted great.

Lychee Raspberry Bellini
Bristol ‘Jeio’ Prosecco, Lychee, Raspberry

Sweet and delicious.

Kumquat Mojito
Bacardi Light Rum, Kumquat, Mint photo (69)

Exotic and wonderful.

The Spice Market is a good place to eat in London. Our waiter was amazing (they all were) giving us recommendations on food and telling us about the dish, the decor is trendy and fresh and our banquet seats were super comfortable. The manager was also very helpful answering my questions.

I give the Spice Market full marks on food, style and service. Oh, and their cocktails which are to die for.