Jun 03

Women over 32 less impressed with men in suits compared to women in their twenties

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Women in their 20s more attracted to a man in a suit than women over 32


At Frost we love a man in a suit, while the men, erm, don’t really have an opinion. Women of all ages cannot deny men in suits are exceptionally attractive, turning even the average looking man into a fine-looking gentleman.  However, it seems some ladies aren’t as mesmerised by the tailored suit as others.  According to a new survey women over 32 are less impressed with a man in a suit than women in their twenties.


The survey carried out by bespoke tailors, King & Allen, used an online dating site* to conduct a picture survey.  Twenty men from different backgrounds and sizes, and aged between 23 and 38, were each photographed wearing casual clothes and then traditional suits.  Women aged between 18 and 38 were invited to rate the men on their overall looks.  The suited men were rated considerably higher in desirability than their casual counterparts.


To give the findings a scientific explanation, a new study called The Journal of Social Experimental Psychology, led and conducted by Professor Adam D. Galinsky of the Northwestern University in the US, revealed that wearing certain clothes really does altar cognitive performance and perception.*


Jake Allen, co-founder of King & Allen says:  “We were surprised by the findings but it seems women in their twenties associate men wearing tailored suits with success, wealth and high status.


“Women in their thirties are far more experienced in the workplace than those in their twenties. They may find the tailored suit a reminder of their job and are so accustomed to the suit, it becomes less desirable outside the work environment. “


Mr Allen concludes, ‘To support the scientific research, our customers are always saying that they feel at least ten times more confident and a couple of inches taller when wearing one of our suits.”