Jul 13

New network launches to support young people inspired by recent sporting success

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sport for young peopleThe Performance Sports Network launched online this week to help aspiring and dedicated individuals aiming to become professional sportsmen and sportswomen. Anyone can make a difference by supporting young athletes and can go a step further by offering sponsorship, opportunities and special deals through the network.

Young people are encouraged to request whatever support they need for any sporting goal they are trying to achieve. That might be for equipment, training space, mentoring, coaching advice or sponsorship and they can easily post a video to show their talents. Once a request is made others can respond by making an offer directly to the individual.

“As soon as a request is created they can begin receiving support and proposals from peers, coaches, experts, organisations and sponsors,” explained network founder Chris Davis.

“As a football coach I see lots of kids who hope to make it as a professional. I know their chances are very small but I don’t believe this means they shouldn’t try. I believe that if anyone wants it enough they should have the best possible chance, regardless of their background. This network can provide everyone with access to experts, resources, opportunities and mentors to help and support them.

“We see how important Andy Murray’s backroom support is to him. Everyone from his coach Ivan Lendl to his mum and everyone in between has helped him succeed. We all need that sort of support – young children right through to college and university athletes,” Chris said.

“Very few of us may make it to Wimbledon or Wembley but there are lots of other opportunities in sport that dedicated training and learning open. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. There’s an inspiring saying I like that goes something like ‘Aim for the moon and even if you miss you’ll end among the stars.’ This is true for people wanting to get involved in professional sports. ”

As well as acting as a portal for any individuals to find help, the network has regular opportunities for training and experiences open to members. “This is a performance sports network but there is nothing exclusive about it. We want to provide everyone with equal access to quality sporting help and opportunities, regardless of background, educational level or location.”

Why did Chris start the network? “Like most kids when I was a young I wanted to be a sports star. I played most sports and at times when I was doing really well I thought it might be possible to make it as a professional,” he confessed. “But it’s hard when you are growing and moving up through the age groups. I was a good bowler and played cricket for the county, but one year I grew a few inches and suddenly my run up had to change and my bowling really dropped off. That type of set back can be enough to put an end to those dreams if the right support system is not in place.”

The performance sports network offers unique services and support tools for members “We are always looking for partnerships to offer the best possible opportunities to members. We are currently initiating a scheme to give people feedback on their own sporting videos. Video analysis can be really powerful and a great training aid, but not everyone has access to it. We invite people to share their videos and we can put them in touch with people who can give them constructive feedback and support. We hope to develop this into our own Sports App,” says Chris.

Sports coaches, personal trainers, suppliers or performance experts can offer their own expertise, products, services and expertise to help dedicated individuals. “Maintaining a career in sport often leads to coaching and related careers such as fitness or nutrition. We give people involved in sport many ways to promote themselves, their products, services, skills, courses and expertise. We want to encourage more people to give something back and share their own experiences with the next generation,” said Chris.

The Performance Sports Network helps people to achieve their sporting goals, learn new skills, overcome obstacles and achieve more. It is free for young people, organisations, experts, mentors and potential sponsors to register.

Sign up for free at http://performancesport.addmysupport.com