Aug 27

Boris Johnson To Write Romance Novel?

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Currently the Mayor of London, famous for his blonde bouffant, Eton-education and the self-titled bike scheme, who has encouraged thousands of Londoners to cycle across the capital, has set his eyes on even greater success. Not content with having won two mayoral elections, Mr Johnson has set his sights on the world of literature – and more specifically the genre of romance.

Boris Johnson romance book cover.

Apparently haven spoken at the Melbourne Writers Festival, Mr Johnson said that when he leaves politics he wants to write a “genuinely brilliant rip-roaring airport book. It would be fair to say there is virtually no genre that I have not tried. Romantic fiction, that could be next.”


With that in mind, romance giant Mills & Boon have mock up what they imagined Boris Johnson’s debut novel might look like. Gazing into the distance, Boris is seen atop one of his bikes, with the victorious London Eye standing proudly in the background. We think it is hilarious.