Aug 30

Frost Shopping Challenge: Finding The Perfect Jeans

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buying perfect jeans. Selfridge jeans loungI hate shopping. It is so stressful and I find it hard to find clothes that fit me. It is pretty stressful too. So I teamed up with Sure to do the Sure Maximum Protection heat fresh challenge. Using their Everyday Fresh fragrance in their Sure Maximum Protection range. I went to find the perfect pair of jeans from Selfridge’s fancy denim section.

Selfridges denim section is jean lover heaven. A range of jeans from £9 to £260 is available, and there is also an interactive section where you can search for jeans and even put price range and style in. It makes the difficulty of buying jeans easy.

I don’t want the £9 Primark jeans so that is already out. I also don’t want to spend over £150 on a pair of jeans as that just seems obscene. It is pretty stressful to find a pair of reasonably priced, good-quality jeans.

I scour the shelves and look at every pair. I go to the interactive section and they only have a number of jeans in the colour (black) and style (straight) that I want. This is becoming stressful. Thankfully, I don’t break out into a sweat. I see an American Apparel pair of jeans. They are black, £69 and skinny. I have a mixed relationship with skinny jeans. Not everyone looks good in them and I think I might be one of those people. I head to the American Apparel counter and try the jeans on. The staff stand outside the changing room and ask my endless questions. I feel uncomfortable but still have not broken a sweat.

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I try the jeans on and, finally!, a pair of jeans that look good quality and they fit! They are proper skinny jeans but thankfully all of the stress of moving and the no sugar diet I am on has worked to my benefit.

I have my jeans and I am happy. I love my new jeans and have been wearing them to death. And thanks to my review of Sure’s Everyday Fresh fragrance I was cool when the heat was on.

Sure Maximum Protection is twice as strong as the leading antiperspirant. The new Everyday Fresh fragrance is out now, lasts for 48 hours and is available from Boots and other leading retailers. £5.10 approx. The antiperspirant lasts for ages and it really works. The best antiperspirant I have ever used.