Aug 09

Time To Get Off Sugar? Day 5

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Today I turned down Jaffa cakes, did not buy any fizzy drinks despite the hot weather and only had one cup of tea. The headaches are still there but with a slightly less intensity. I still feel fainty and at one point really think I am going to pass out. I am not sure if this is normal but it must be due to the combination of sugar and caffeine withdrawal. Thankfully I feel like I have more energy today.

I go to the supermarket and want to buy sugary stuff but I don’t. Instead I spend £7.50 on good bread and butter. Which seems excessive! It is a lot of money but there are good things in life that are not sweet. I am learning more and getting ideas. There are wonderful recipes and lots of different foods to try.

I still want tea, coke, chocolate and biscuits but I have come this far. Five days in I already have a slimmer waist and my energy levels are returning. I bought some skinny jeans yesterday and they fit well.

This week is the easy week. I am allowed dark chocolate and fruit. Next week I am not even allowed fruit, couscous or white bread. But I am proud of myself so far. I am even beginning to enjoy herbal tea. Something I have not enjoyed in years.

So day five and all good. I have salad and fish cakes for supper. The salad is colourful and tasty. This morning I had scrambled eggs, salmon and wholemeal toast. Lunch was tortilla. There is a lot of great food out there I can still eat. Since I am such a foodie I am channeling the programme in a positive way, one of better health and new experiences. Onwards.