Aug 21

Time To Give Up Sugar? Day 15, 16 & 17.

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get off sugar, no sugar diet, should i give up sugar, is sugar bad for you, the white stuff, is sugar evil,This programme has been an eye-opener. I knew there was a lot of sugar in food, but looking at food labels is incredibly depressing. I even got sent some water for possible review and it had 12.5g of sugar added. Half your daily allowance! Why anyone would take something as healthy as water and add sugar is beyond me.

On Day 15 Laura sends me Meal Inspiration via email:


Meal Inspiration 


Breakfast | Half a tub of cottage cheese on rye bread with half an avocado & some cherry tomatoes (a nice non-egg, non nut option!)


Lunch |  Try a large tuna salad and add half a can of chickpeas, some feta cheese, roast sweet potato and a sprinkling of seeds to bulk it up. The more ingredients, the more tasty!


Snack | Chicken shavings (from the deli) and a slice of tomato on an oatcake


Dinner | Palma Ham covered chicken with shaved parmesan tucked inside, with some mashed squash and broccoli.

What I have mostly learned from this diet is that it is possible to eat, and eat well, without having any sugar whatsoever. You can still enjoy your food and have good meals and drinks. I will put some recipes together for you.

I have more energy now and I feel better about my health. No crashing sugar highs and lows. I can’t say it is not hard, it is. I still want tea, and chocolate. All those things that I am not allowed. I am over two weeks into the diet and still feeling positive. The acid reflux I used to have is gone.

I made a pie yesterday. It took about four hours but was very healthy with steak and a lot of vegetables. I have been eating well and the food I have been eating is delicious. I am feeling positive for the rest of the programme, and next week will also be allowed fruit and dark chocolate. Can’t wait.

Happy Sugar Habits