Sep 14

Ekaterina Kukhareva’s Zen Garden SS14

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Walking into a room reserved for Ekaterina Kukhareva’s Spring Summer 2014 collection, the least thing you might have expected to see was a large Japanese rock garden. Of course, the collection name may have set the scene for Japanese culture, but the set design was a step beyond bringing the concept of Zen Garden to life.

As guests entered the room at the Freemasons’ Hall, the show had already began as a young man in a navy blue cotton shirt and trouser suit raked stones in the purpose-built garden, while a solitude model walked around him, careful not to disturb his work.

While the looks were sent out one-by-one, guests were left to watch on as a photographer directed models around the garden to pose by rocks that were intricately placed around the set to create the perfect back drop for the stunning designs. Inspired by kimonos, chrysanthemums and Maiko girls, Kukhareva presented a collection that was just as stunning as the concept.

Long flowing gowns in yellow and peach were contrasted with blue cropped trouser suits that had been intricately designed to feature her signature knitting technique; a skill which suited the delicate and peaceful nature of the collection perfectly.

Floor-length sweeping kimono silhouettes, a-symmetrical sundresses and flower-emblazoned sleeveless maxi dresses; the collection paid great homage to summer in its bright colours and free-flowing fabrics.

To compliment this fresh feel, hair was tied up in two top-twists and slicked right back to create a clean and minimal look to let flower-adorned headpieces take centre stage as they draped over the front of models faces. The only hint of make-up was that of a flash of colour over the eyelid and clean, dewy faces.

Kukhareva’s choice of presenting her collection in such a unique and refreshing manner created the perfect back-drop for her stunning collection to shine through against a minimal but striking setting.

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