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MonaLisa Twins | Music Profile

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MonaLisa Twins have made an amazing collaborative time-lapse music video


The band said, “We were thinking about a creative way to get lots of people involved in a connecting, artistic project, all in the spirit of the song title “When We’re Together”. We were curious about how many people would pause their activities out of their love for adventure to be part of a spontaneous happening. We installed a canvas on the walls of Stables Market in Camden, London’s world-famous art district. We ourselves started with a big red heart in the center. Pedestrians joined in and added their ideas and colors to the painting.
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We were overwhelmed by the dedication of stangers, joining in to
create a collective, beautiful artpiece together. Businessmen, cyclists, musicians, children and elderly people alike were painting side by side, laughing and sharing their thoughts and even very personal stories. This day was just more evidence for us how much the arts are able to lift spirits and make people happy. It was only later that we realized that the project also fitted quite well with our (band) name MonaLisa. Artistic all the way ;)”
The painting from the video is up for auction here.

Check out their other recent video with a distinctly different, more sombre feel for “The Wide, Wide Land”, a song written as a musical farewell for their Grandmother, who suffered with Alzheimer’s for many years.


Band: MonaLisa Twins
Location: Austria, UK
CD: “When We’re Together”
Styles: 60s Pop, 60ies Rock ‘n’ Roll, Beat music, British Invasion – with
elements of Folk, Latin, Psychedelic
Similar to: Jake Bugg, The Belle Brigade, She & Him, The Last Shadow Puppets, Never Shout Never
Influences: 60ies Backbeat music, The (Early) Beatles, The Easy Beats,
Donovan, The Monkeys, Bob Dylan, Simon&Garfunkel, Pink Floyd
Mona Wagner – Vocals, Guitars, Blues Harp
Lisa Wagner – Vocals, Guitars, Ukulele
The Beat is back! The MonaLisa Twins are one of the very few modern bands
who write original songs in the 60’s Beat music tradition, reviving the
genre with a modern, fresh twist without sounding pop-ish or trivial. On
their debut album “When We’re Together” they present the finest Rock ‘n’
Roll and Beat music, skillfully venturing out in Psychedelic, Folk and even
Latin genres, inspired by the likes of The Beatles, Bob Dylan and Simon &
Garfunkel. Their signature features are polyphonic harmonies and a wiry,
bright guitar sound. The even mix of fun and depth in their music and lyrics brings back the spirit of this time and therefore speaks to a wide range of international audiences.
While listening to and playing all different kinds of music genres in their
youth the girls stayed with the 60’s songwriting style, something they think is way too much neglected these days: “We aim to write songs which we ourselves would like to listen to and we always loved the spiritual,
humorous and true-to-life mindset of the 60’s. However we aren’t nostalgic
about it or trying to be “retro”. We simply believe that something great had been started in this era that is worthy of being continued.”
The core of the band are two 19 year old girls, actual twins named Mona and
Lisa. Originally from Austria, they toured extensively, performing in the USA, Australia and UK in their teens. They started out with cover songs on YouTube and released two CDs with covers in 2007 and 2008. At 16 they
decided to go for a professional music career and began to record their debut album “When We’re Together” which was released in 2012. Since then they’ve played many live shows in small to medium-sized venues and festivals in Continental Europe, playing to new audiences and raising interest for their own music. Besides being played on Austrian radio stations they are increasingly conquering the Anglo-American music markets with regular airplay and doing radio and TV interviews in the USA and UK as well. They also produced a decent number of high quality music videos which have garnered a total of nearly 2 million views and over 4,500 subscribers on YouTube so far.
Moving forward, for the rest of 2013 Mona and Lisa are dedicated to work on releasing more music videos and writing new songs.