Sep 25

Patouf SS14 | Fashion Film

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Patouf have just released their fashion film for SS14, styled by Christopher Insulander, with music by Adama Sivard.

Transfixed by the enduring story of love, beyond the love affair, but rather that blurs the lines of all conformity, Anna’s inspiration for the SS14 collection is the magic between Robert Mapplethorpe and Patti Smith.

The intricate detail, subtle contrasts and duality in his photographs urged Anna to look at the traditional suit, wanting to make something that followed the masculine and feminine body contours.

Seeing the world as a Mapplethorpe photograph, transfixed in duality, Patouf have added zips to the leg to change the shape, forming new lines and blurring existing ones, as did Patti Smith and Mapplethorpe’s relationship. The subtle changes adapting into the contours of the body in this seasons relaxed and elegantly fluid suit.

Being comfortable in your own skin has always been Anna’s motto. The fingerprint pattern that can be seen in this season’s collection identifies with the somewhat continuous explorations with the lines that follow the cut of the suit. One has to take a closer look to see its true identity.

“I learned from him that often contradiction is the clearest way to truth” – Patti Smith, Just Kids








The dashes of colour that pop out with the warm oranges, and spiked heels, are a total contrast to the sober greys and fluid creams. Contradictions, after all, are the clearest way to truth! This is Anna’s third season with the addition of a men’s collection, and nothing is more exciting than to push the boundaries of conformity, formative identity and conventionality by making a suit, perfectly suited for both male and female.

Patouf launched its first collection in 2008. Carefully chosen retailers currently represent the brand internationally and through our own webshop, shop.patouf.se. In 2009, Patouf was awarded the title Rookie of the Year by the Swedish Fashion council.