Sep 23

Proactiv Solution Review | Beauty

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Proactiv Solution is well known to help acne. Celebrity endorsed, its reputation precedes it; but is it any good?

Although I don’t have acne I do get break outs occasionally due to stress and hormones. For someone who ends up in front of the camera quite a lot these are inconvenient and stressful.

I got sent the below pack to review. It has renewing cleaner, revitalising toner, repairing day lotion, repairing night lotion and a refining mask. It also comes along with detailed instructions and a good guide to beautiful-looking skin.

ProActiv Solutions review. Does it work?

I used Proactiv Solution for a month. Before I did I had a break out. I was overworked and my hormones were playing up as it was ‘that’ time of the month. My skin reacts to things sometimes but it was fine with the proactic solutions. I used all of the products as directed and my skin cleared up. It has also stayed clear, even during stressful times. I also loved the mask and I think it made a big difference to my skin and my pores.

Here is how my skin looks now; no pimples.


Buying the kit seems expensive but you get a cleaner, toner and moisturiser for that (or variations.) It might not work for everyone but it worked for me. Try it once and see. It made a major improvement to my skin.

You can buy Proactiv here.

What do you think? Have you tried Proactiv Solutons?