Sep 03

Time To Give Up Sugar? Mentor Me Off Sugar Day 28: It’s Over!

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Well, I have finished. At midnight on Sunday I was no longer on a low/no sugar diet. Did I binge? No and I am as proud of that as I am of doing the programme. I cannot believe I got all the way to the end.

Yesterday I had some tea with sugar. One with two and the other two cups of tea with half a teaspoon of sugar. I also had a few pieces of dark chocolate. I had toast for breakfast, a cheese sandwich for lunch and a chicken roast for supper. No cake and no fizzy juice. Even the tea and the chocolate tasted sweeter than ever before. The thing I have to watch out for is eating a lot of vegetables.

I had my final call with Laura on Sunday evening and she is proud of me. In fact everyone I know is both proud and shocked. Going forward, Laura has given me a goal setting worksheet and I don’t want to ever fall into my previous sugary ways. Although I need to add a correction pointed out by Laura. I was told a homemade Gin & Tonic doesn’t have any sugar. It does! My own fault and the tonic water I bought would have had a lot of sweeteners instead, which I hate and think cause cancer and other nasty diseases.

Even too much fruit is bad for you. Laura sent me this  interesting article by Dr Mercola on fruit.

My energy level has really improved since I cut out sugar and I am completely converted. Give it a shot. I will be adding lots of low/no sugar recipes to Frost.

Meanwhile, have a look at Laura’s meal suggestions for a day.


Meal Ideas


Breakfast |  Keep it simple with two boiled eggs, a kiwi and a few nuts. Add a slice of toast if you want.


Lunch |Try a green lentil, beetroot and feta cheese salad with olive oil.


Snack | Chicken shavings and sliced avocado on a rice cake


Dinner |A slow cooked warming beef stew with swede or squash mash. Homemade popcorn to celebrate!


Check out Happysugarhabits for more info.