Dec 12

Doctors And Nurses Most Fanciable Workers In Britain

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Doctor most fanciableThe NHS may have its troubles but its caring staff are the most fanciable workers in Britain, new figures revealed last night.
Doctors are the most dateable men in any uniformed profession while nurses remain the number one choice for the nation’s men. And it is their caring qualities and ’empathy’ that make them more appealing to singles looking for love than soldiers, sailors, police officers, firefighters and others.
The poll of more than 1,500 adults by matchmaking website Uniformdating.com included both those who wear a uniform to work and those who don’t. Asked which man or woman in uniform they would most like as a partner, 29 per cent of women went for a doctor followed by 12 per cent who went for a firefighter and the same who said a member of the armed forces.
Among men, 26 per cent chose nurse but a further 17 per cent said doctor, suggesting some of the old Carry On stereotypes are being reversed. Asked why a health expert appealed so much, both men and women said it was their role to care and empathise with their patients that were their most attractive qualities.
Doctors are also seen as intelligent – though many women admitted a decent pay packet also helped! And one in four of the female nurses polled in the survey said they still thought their uniform meant men did not take them seriously.
Women still lust after hunky firemen, brave policemen and dashing pilots as well as fiery chefs and men admit they fancy female members of the armed forces, flight attendants and policewomen.
Police officers are seen as loyal, reliable and honest in their work which would be attractive qualities in a relationship.
But there were few votes for postmen and women in the survey, attracting just one per cent of the male vote and two per cent of the female vote.
And many said they were turned off having a member of the armed services as a partner because of the long periods spent away from home.