Dec 16

Jacob’s Creek Sparkling Rosé Cuvee

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jacobscreekroseI rarely get sent Rosé to review, which is a shame as it is my favourite type of wine.

The problem with some Rosé is that it is too sweet (although I tend to have a higher tolerance for sweet wine than other people I know) and it tends to knock the balance of the wine off. Luckily Jacob’s Creek Sparkling Rosé Cuvee is not too sweet, it is just the right amount.

It is a refreshing sparkling wine which has a great taste. I reviewed it with someone who is always harsh when reviewing Rosé and even they loved it.

It is a grown up Rosé, one for the sophisticated palate. Not sickening, but a beautiful pink colour, a delicate and fresh berry flavour and chardonnay and pinot noir grapes. Recommended this Christmas and beyond: a very good sparkling wine. Frost Loves….

The Jacob’s Creek Sparkling Rosé is a non-vintage wine made from selected Jacob’s Creek Chardonnay and Jacob’s Creek Pinot Noir grapes displaying delicate fresh berry flavours and an attractive pink colour. It’s the perfect wine for raising a glass when celebrating the arrival of the New Year.

Price: £10.39 (approx) from Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Mark’s & Spencers and Tesco