Dec 09

Points Of You Web Series | What To Watch

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Point of you We have come across a very different, and very brilliant,  web series: Points Of You is about 4 friends from 4 countries with 4 very different personalities – all living a very chaotic life in Berlin:

RYAN (UK) – An actor, hobby chef & part-time womaniser

ELODIE (France) – An environmentally friendly seductress on bad terms with Cupid

BASTIAN (Germany) – A highly neurotic computer expert with a penchant for pot plants and French girls

SOFIA (Italy) – A rather individual science student who might or might not be working for the US government

Points of You will have you being confronted with cross dressing actors, spy gadgets, international conspiracy theories, love inducing plants and an amateur medical team saving a tree.


Here are some cool facts about the series:

  • The series has to date involved over 115 people from 14 different countries
  • Shot on location in Berlin
  • Produced by: Ryan Wichert, Kathrin Benoehr, Sebastian Hasse
  • Written by: Ryan Wichert, Nikolaus Buchholz
  • Idea: Sebastian Hasse, Ryan Wichert
  • Cast: Ryan Wichert, Sebastian Hasse, Sara Manni-Malas, Kim Zarah Langner
  • 18.5 shooting days at 10 locations.
  • 4 main cast and 20 supporting cast so far
  • Subtitles in 8 languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portugese, Russian, Polish

They have also been selected for the finals of The Giant Web Series Competition which is hosted by Alex Zane. A new episode airs every Sunday.