Dec 21

Win A Copy Of 101 Business Ideas That Will Change The Way You Work

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Win A Copy Of 101 Business Ideas That Will Change The Way You WorkFrost Magazine has joined forces with Pearson — the world’s leading education publisher — to give away copies of new business guide, 101 Business Ideas That Will Change The Way You Work.

This illuminating title by respected business writer Antonio E. Weiss challenges long-held beliefs about good business practice to provide employers, managers and entrepreneurs with invaluable bite-sized nuggets of clever business insights.

Each idea in the 300-page book, described as a “box of chocolates for the managerial mind”, is neatly structured, giving a headline, summary and fun illustration, followed by snappy sections on ‘What You Need to Know’; ‘Why it Matters’; ‘What You Might Say About This’; ‘How This Will Change the Way You Work’ and ‘Where You Can Find Out More’.

And as each idea is covered in a few pages, 101 Business Ideas is the perfect book to dip in and out of when seeking another perspective or fresh inspiration.

The book’s author, Antonio E. Weiss, is a management writer and business consultant who has served leading public sector clients including central government and the NHS on strategy, performance improvement and capability building issues.

In writing 101 Business Ideas, Weiss has drawn upon the collective wisdom of contemporary business and social science thinkers including The New Yorker journalist Malcolm Gladwell and Israeli-American psychologist Daniel Kahnemann, winner of the 2002 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences.

It contains brilliant business tips and big ideas such as how to spot if a CEO is lying; why innovation can be overrated; why networking can make you anti-social; how biology affects your decision making; and why online procrastination actually accelerates productivity.

By telling readers what they need to know, why they need to know it and how to do it, 101 Business Ideas will ensure professionals are cannier, more effective at work and always one step ahead.

We have five copies of 101 Business Ideas That Will Change The Way You Work by Antonio E. Weiss (Pearson, RRP £12.99) to give away. For your chance to win, follow @Frostmag on Twitter and Tweet, “I want to win 101 Business Ideas with @Frostmag” or like us on Facebook. Alternatively, sign up to our newsletter.