Dec 22

Win A Copy Of The Promise

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the promise book -win - competitionFrost Magazine has teamed up with our friends at Pearson — the world’s leading education publisher — to give away copies of revolutionary new self-improvement guide, The Promise.

The result of years of psychological research and insight, The Promise by respected psychologist Graham W Price is the definitive fool-proof route to a life free of negative thoughts and full of positivity . . . and that’s a promise.

The book maps out a clear and surprisingly straightforward path to achieving all the things we want from life: lasting relationships; job satisfaction; freedom from stress, anxiety, worry, regret, depression, addictions, weight problems and other self-limiting issues; and enjoying a rich and fulfilling life.

Across its 224 pages, The Promise reveals the secrets of Price’s Acceptance-Action Training (AAT), developed to significantly enhance motivation, resilience and relationships and empower people to reach their personal and professional goals.

As the title suggests, the book is a promise from the author to readers that if they follow his guidance they can banish forever the negative thoughts and feelings that limit potential, take control of their lives and determine their future. It’s a programme that’s already been proven to work with thousands of individuals from all walks of life.

The Promise is the last word in self-help books: a complete process of personal transformation presented in 13 inspiring chapters, with each unlocking more powerful techniques to grasp control of our destiny.

Easy to follow, and packed with real-life case studies illustrating the incredible things that can be accomplished, it is a compelling and persuasive guide that will appeal to anyone wanting to boost their abilities for a more fulfilling life.

We have 10 copies of The Promise by Graham W Price (Pearson, RRP £10.99) to give away. For your chance to win, follow @Frostmag on Twitter and Tweet, “I want to win The Promise with @Frostmag” or like us on Facebook. Alternatively, sign up to our newsletter.

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