Jan 10

Errazuriz The White Blend 2011 Wine Review

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This wine is new for us: a blend. Some of us were a bit befuddled by the concept and unsure what to expect. In fact, we were sent three wines from Errazuriz and this was the overall favourite. (The others were Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc: also good). The Blend 2011 is a blend of three different grapes: Roussanne (55.0%), Marsanne (30.0%) and Viognier (15.0%). All from the Aconcagua Valley. It is 13.5% Alcohol and you can drink now or two-to-five-years from now.

The Blend White. errazuriz

The main thing about this wine is it’s uniqueness; it has typical Roussanne aromas like pear, honey, hawthorn, almonds and honeysuckle. The wine has plenty of flavour and complexity. It does not have that terrible aftertaste a lot of white wines have. Greenish-yellow in colour, the wine is also fresh. We’re a fan. Delicious.

Enjoy with: pizza, pasta, casseroles, stew, mild creamy cheeses, oriental food.