Jan 04

Fudge Urban Colour Festival Pink Hair Chalk Review

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Pink hair was huge in 2013, and it still shows no sign of waning. Coloured hair is still very much ‘in’. For those who want to be a bit daring without the permanence there is something new for you: hair chalk. It’s such a good idea it is hard to know why it hasn’t been invented before.


Fudge Urban Colour Festival Pink Hair Chalk is just a tub of hair chalk that is very easy to use. I put it on with my fingers, (they looked very fetching after. Not), and…that’s it. Pink hair. You can also make the colour pastel with the ice white hair chalk. You just mix the two together.

I have seen a lot of blonde women with this chalk and the pink is very obvious and striking. If I had layered my pink more I think it would have been much more pink; it was still obvious- and looked great-on my brown hair. It lightened it and the pink was a beautiful, if subtle, colour.

I rang 2014 in wearing the festival pink hair chalk, it is great for something a bit different and fun. It only costs £4.99 and when I ran water over it, it didn’t seem to budge, only doing so when I used shampoo. Fudge Urban Colour Hair Chalk is a ingenious little product: a great idea that works. It also comes in purple, blue and red. Available from Superdrug