Jan 07

Wedding Dress Shopping | The Wedding Diary

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Is Getting Married An Achievement?, wedding diary, engagement, engagement ring, getting married, planning a wedding, marriage, engagement,So I’ve done it. I have bought the dress. Or more accurately, my family bought the dress for me. For which I am eternally grateful as it really helps with the wedding budget.

I live in London and my mother lives in Scotland so I was really panicking about wedding dress shopping. It was something I only wanted to do with my mother but was worried about the logistics. Because of work I only manage to see my family twice a year at most, which is quite painful, about as painful as buying your wedding dress without your mother.

Thankfully fate smiled upon us over New Year and on the 2nd of January we managed to find some wedding dress shops that were open.

The problem is I hate most wedding dresses. They are too blingy or too lacy and grown up. Out of all of the dresses in the first store I hated them all and in the second I liked five, three of which turned out to be bridesmaids dresses (but were white?! Really?!). I decided I didn’t want an off-the-shoulder dress as at least 80% of wedding dresses I see are off-the-shoulder and although I love that look, I wanted to be different. I am also ‘curvy’ on top and didn’t want to pull my wedding dress up all day, or worry about popping out.

Even though I have been engaged for a while now nothing prepared me for seeing myself in my wedding dress, that is the moment you finally realise that you are getting married. “You’re getting married”, the store-women said, yes, yes I am I thought. I was so overwhelmed and my mother was welling up. The women in the bridal store also put a tiara and a veil on me to see what it looked like. I never thought I wanted a veil or a tiara but they looked great on and really suited me. I am still not sure what I am doing with my hair for the big day but now I have some ideas.

Both my mother and I loved the first wedding dress I tried on. I tried on the other four and then went back to the first. We called my father and brother to the store and even my father was speechless and had a tear in his eye. Not what you would expect from my dad, he’s never quiet. Even my brother, who is very manly, said it was beautiful.

My fiancee was in the vicinity when I bought the dress and I even asked him if he wanted to come and see it, he is very picky and was initially upset when he found out he couldn’t see the dress before because of superstition and tradition. He is superstition so decided against it in the end, although I did catch his face in the mirror when I was in one of the dresses I didn’t buy: it was a beautiful moment seeing his smile.

When you go shopping for your wedding dress all of your preconceptions go out of the window. I thought I didn’t want lace but my dress has lace. I thought I didn’t want a train, but my dress has one. There is even a subtle, elegant amount of bling. I knew I wanted a white dress, I love the pink dress trend but it’s not for me. When I saw the dress I bought on the hanger I didn’t think much of it but something about it grabbed me and I think this is key, you have to try the dress on to make a proper decision.

The other advice I got about buying a wedding dress was to buy a dress that you can wear again, therefore making it more economical. I didn’t do that either. I bought a wedding dress with a wow factor, it can’t be mistaken for anything else.

I thought buying my wedding dress would be much harder, but actually I bought the first wedding dress I tried on. It is being made now and will be ready in three months. Then I will have two fittings. All I have to buy now is the shoes and bouquet. I am so excited. I can’t wait until my fiancee sees the dress and we are married. After I bought the dress I said to my fiancee, ‘I hope you like it.’ and my entire family said ‘You will’ to him in unison. Let’s hope.

The dress was more expensive than I was going to get but every time I look at the pictures my mother took of me in my dress I am overwhelmingly happy.

What do you think?