Apr 25

Forget Tattoos, ‘Tantoos’ Are The Safe Way To Achieve Beautiful Body Art

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tantoosCancer Research UK announced this week that skin cancer rates have surged, with more than 13,000 people developing a malignant melanoma each year. Exposure to the sun or sunbeds before the age of 25 can almost double the risk of getting skin cancer in later life.


TanOrganic is urging young people to limit their exposure to harmful UV rays, and has teamed up with an aspiring artist to create a form of body art to convey their message. Tantoos are semi-permanent, safe and effective. They use fake tan to create beautifully intricate patterns that last around a week – allowing the subject to express their creativity without regretting it!


This picture shows a design by aspiring tantoo artist, Lucie England, 17, using TanOrganic’s certified organic self-tanning lotion. The tan was applied using a brush, with the tantoo drying in less than 10 minutes. Visible upon application, the design fully develops within six to eight hours.


The tantoo is made from food-based ingredients including caramel, honey, sugar, beetroot and orange peel, and is free from harmful parabens, perfumes and synthetic ingredients. Lucie used TanOrganic’s original self-tan lotion for this particular tantoo, which is aloe vera based and nourishing to skin.


Noelle O’Connor, founder of TanOrganic – who appeared on Dragon’s Den in Ireland and successfully gained investment for the brand – said:


“Tantoos allow people to have a safe alternative to permanent tattoos they may regret later. Using fake tan is a great way to express creativity and adorn our bodies, especially in the summer months when more flesh is on display. We foresee them being popular at festivals and events where people like to express themselves and just be unique.”


“Of course for a tantoo to show up you have to have tanless skin in the first place, which is an important message to convey. If your skin is sun damaged before the age of 25 you are almost twice as likely to develop skin cancer later in life. I devote a lot of time to educating young people about the dangers of getting lucieenglanda real tan; it’s shocking to think that nearly 90% of skin cancer cases can be prevented with simple lifestyle choices. I hope that our work with Lucie on tantoos promotes this message to young people and literally saves their skin!”


Unlike henna tattoos, tantoos are cleaner and easier because they take minutes to apply and dry, and there’s no messy paste to wash off afterwards.


Aspiring tantoo artist Lucie England (pictured left), aged 17 and from Surrey, is currently studying A-level art & design, graphics and psychology and is aiming to be the UK’s first tantoo artist.