Jan 14

UK Women Confess Their Beauty Secrets

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I have never been high maintenance. No fake tan, no false eyelashes. In fact, in the past my husband was lucky if I brushed my hair on the weekends. Truth is, men prefer women when they are not wearing makeup but that does not stop us being insecure. While there are certain things I will keep a secret from my husband when it comes to grooming, and from Frost readers, I was quite surprised at the lengths that some women take to keep looking gorgeous. I think we should all just relax and if your partner does not love your natural beauty, then they were obviously not worth investing time in. I doubt it will come to this though. Men are not as shallow as the stereotype suggests. In my experience, they love natural beauty.

Even in the most open and honest relationships some things are best kept a secret. So when it comes to maintaining their beauty women of the UK withhold more than a pair of spanx and a bottle of fake tan from their partners.Nearly three quarters of men have no idea the lengths their wife or girlfriend goes to look her best, a study found yesterday. Research revealed most men are completely oblivious to the extensive beauty routine their other half goes through on a daily basis.

Among the pampering habits which escape men is the waxing or bleaching of moustaches and the extensive plucking of eyebrows, nose hair and chin whiskers. Wearing push-up bras, false eyelashes and control pants were also tricks ladies confessed to resorting to. As was covertly applying fake tan and wearing hair extensions for extra volume the poll by QVS Beauty Tools Experts found. Four in ten women said they purposely hide the gory details of their beauty regime from their man, with a third of women claiming they want to keep-up the pretence that they always look great.


Pluck whiskers from face

Wax moustache/facial hair

Wax/shave bikini line

Pluck hairs from nose

Bleach moustache/facial hair

Wax/shave legs

Remove hard skin from feet

Wax/shave underarms

Wear Spanx/control pants

Pluck your eyebrows

Cut your toenails

Wear a push-up/padded bra

Apply a face pack

Wear tooth veneers

Apply fake-tan

Wear false nails

Wear eyelash extensions

Wear false eyelashes

Wear coloured contact lenses

Apply make-up

Paint your toenails

Wear hair extensions

Have hair coloured / highlights

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The poll of 1000 women and 1000 men revealed incredibly one in twenty women have never let their husband or boyfriend see them without a full face of make-up on.

The study revealed more than a quarter of the 1000 men polled said they have no idea what elements make up their wife or girlfriends beauty routine.With seven in ten saying they would rather be kept in the dark about what she gets up to behind the bathroom door. But one in ten said they would be shocked to learn that the love of their life wore cleavage enhancing bras or pants that sucked her in.And a quarter said they would also be surprised to find out she wore false nails, coloured contacts or had veneers on her teeth. And more than one in ten blokes couldn’t believe their other half would resort to wearing false tan.

But the research showed a quarter of women said they would be left embarrassed if their partner caught them carrying out certain preening tasks, with shaving their bikini line, waxing or bleaching their facial hair and plucking nasal hairs being named as the most mortifying. Fortunately three quarters of women said the longer they remain in a relationship the less they are concerned with keeping up a less than perfect image. With women claiming after being with a man for an average of one year and seven months, she begins to relax about her appearance. Having said that, a devious 61 per cent of females polled said if they receive a compliment from their partner they never confess to any ‘cheats’ they have undertaken, preferring to remain tight lipped.

What efforts do you take when it comes to beauty? Would you let your other half see you without makeup?