Jul 16

Sip & Learn – The New Way To Enjoy Wine

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Sip & Learn – The New Way To Enjoy WineWe love wine at Frost, reviewing all varieties to bring the best to our readers. Sip & Learn caught our eye as it not only delivers wine straight to your door, but also comes with a booklet that tells you all about the wine. It is a brilliant idea. Sip & Learn is a new monthly wine subscription service on a mission to make wine fun and accessible to all.

Each month, two seriously good bottles of carefully chosen wine will arrive at subscribers’ doorsteps accompanied by a booklet that tells you everything you need to know about the wine.  Sippers will embark on an entertaining and educational tour de force in which they will learn about a range of subjects, from grape varieties to how wines are made, and all from the comfort of their own home whilst enjoying a delicious glass of wine.

Sip & Learn – The New Way To Enjoy Winewine club Sip & Learn – The New Way To Enjoy Wine learn

So if you enjoy wine, or know someone that does, Sip & Learn is the perfect way to put the fun factor back into learning about wine.

RRP £35 per month (incl P&P).  Subscriptions are ongoing or on a 3, 6 and 12 monthly basis.   www.sipandlearn.co.uk

Sip & Learn was set up by French duo, Marie-Anne and wine expert Sylvain in December 2014.

‘I love wine but tend to panic when asked to taste or choose it. I used to call my friend Sylvain or text pictures of wines to get his help all the time.  I’ve always wanted to learn about wine but going to classes sounds too scary and pompous. So together with Sylvain, we started thinking about how we could help people like me discover and understand how wine works without getting bored or feeling shy at a wine tasting class.  The result: Sip & Learn. We hope you enjoy it.’