Oct 22

5 Fab Tips for the Bridal Sale Season

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wedding planning, wedding, weddings,5 Fab Tips for the Bridal Sale Season. WeddingDressSampleSale.com, serves up 5 fab tips for making your bridal sample sale season a resounding success.


Research– Go to WeddingDressSampleSale.com, tick the filter boxes refining your dress preferences and browse the matching results to find the designer gown of your dreams. Click on each dress to discover more, including a detailed description and your nearest local stockist. You can conveniently email or call them directly from the website.


With more than 40 listed bridal boutiques and designers showcasing their sample dresses on WeddingDressSampleSale.com, you can even book your appointment with genuine hands on boutiques all in one place, saving yourself a lot of time and effort time endlessly trawling the web for those special bridal bargains.


Be flexible– If the dress you reallyreally want is not in your size, do not despair! First find out if could it be adjusted and re-fitted for you by a skilled seamstress. What if it turns out that your dream dress neither satisfies you nor compliments your figure? Don’t give up! Try different styles and settle for the one you feel most beautiful and comfortable in. Never feel pressured in to buying a dress just to get it out of the way. It’s your big day after all.


Dress appropriately– Wear appropriate underwear to help you easily slip in and out of your dresses when and where you need to. You will want to see how it will all look on your big day, so make sure you bring a strapless bra, heels (unless you are going for some fab flats) and if need be, tights. Don’t overdo the make up or jewellery to the point that it can catch and mark your dress.


Check it out thoroughly – Sample dresses are usually sold ‘’as seen’, usually meaning that no returns or refunds. Check the dress for missing beads, stains and tears. Factor in the extra costs such as dry cleaning, alterations and repairs on top of the price.


Bring a trusted friend with you.  Having an extra pair of eyes and some good old honest feedback will come in handy when dress hunting. It will also help you drop the not quite not sure dresses quickly and make you feel more confident that you have made the right choice.

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