Dec 07

Leef iBridge Review | The Perfect Gift For Christmas

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Leef iBridge Review The Perfect Gift For ChristmasNot many products actually make a huge difference to your life, but ever since the Leef iBridge arrived I have been singing its praises. In fact, I have even bought some for relatives, that is how amazing it is.

So, I hear you ask: what is it? The Leef iBridge is a compact and convenient must-have for all Apple users, featuring a lightning connector at one end and a standard USB connector on the other. Users can also take photos and videos directly to the iBridge, bypassing their Apple device’s internal memory altogether.

Before this arrived my iPhone was struggling and I could not take any more pictures as I had no memory. My son is not even a year old and I have thousands of pictures and videos of him. I could not even access Twitter or Whatsapp. Enter Leaf iBridge. It can bypass the internal memory of the iPhone so you never have to see the ‘memory full’ pop-up message ever again. It backs-up your iPhone AND it makes it easy to transfer your files to your computer. Or any other computer for that matter. It can also be used on an iPad and an android version is available. I did have to delete some pictures to download the app which goes with the iBridge but it was not a big hassle. I am obsessed with this and have already bought some for other people. I reckon I might even buy another for myself. LOVE.

–    Ideal for… anyone with a full to capacity iPhone – Instagram addicts, commuters or holidaymakers.
–    Device in 10 words: Never see the dreaded ‘memory full’ pop-up ever again
–    Price: starts at £69.99 for 32GB (64, 128 and 256GB also available)
–    Available to purchase: From Leefco.com, Amazon.co.uk, CarphoneWarehouse.com, Argos.com and TescoDirect.com

Leef iBridge Review

Android compatible devices are also available – the Leef Bridge 3.0 and Leef Access are available to purchase from Leefco.com and Amazon.co.uk.