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Zumba DVD Review: Get Your Fitness Party Started + 2 Copies to Giveaway!

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Zumba DVD Review Get Your Fitness Party Started- 2 Copies to Giveaway!I have been a fan of Zumba for a while now. I even have the Zumba video game for the Wii. This DVD is just as fun. It is suitable for beginners or those who have done Zumba for a while. There is a step-by-step guide where you can learn the basics of the four core rhythms, an easy-to-follow class and then an intense, high calorie-busting routine which has super cardio bursts which are optional. The great thing about this DVD is that you can go at your own pace and it’s fun. Rare for a workout. We have two copies to giveaway.

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Out to own now on DVD and Digital HD Zumba® is your chance to join the dance-fitness revolution that has changed the way we “workout” forever. It’s fun, effective and best of all is made for everyone.

Regardless of your ability and whether or not you have previously tried Zumba® this is the product for you that’s guaranteed to get you dancing! Over 15 million people from all around the world have joined the calorie-burning dance fitness party and achieved amazing results – and now it’s your turn.

Featuring three easy-to-follow dance-fitness workouts, you can learn from the creator of the Zumba® fitness program himself, Beto Perez, as he takes you through the essential moves to get you dancing yourself into shape.

Zumba® is perfect for everybody and every body. It takes the ‘work’ out of workout by mixing low-intensity and high-intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie-burning dance fitness party. Zumba® combines all the elements of fitness – cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility and boosted energy. As the Latin rhythms take over, you will quickly see why Zumba® is often called exercise in disguise.

Zumba DVD Review Get Your Fitness Party Started- 2 Copies to Giveaway!1


Learn the basic steps of the 4 core rhythms found in a Zumba® class. (30 mins runtime)

Put those new moves to work as you rock out in this easy-to-follow class. (30 mins runtime)

Get a total body rush with this intense, high calorie-blasting workout with super cardio bursts in every routine. (55 mins runtime)


Release date:               Out now
RRP:                               £19.99
Discs:                             1
CERT:                             Exempt
Cat No:                          8306280
Barcode:                       50530-8306280-4
Running Time:             1 hour 55 minutes