May 27

How To Make Money Blogging Part 1

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The Ultimate Guide To Becoming a Successful Blogger , blogging, blogs, how to be a successful blogger, blogger, blogging, Catherine BalavageSo here it is. Number one in how to make money blogging, or with your website or online magazine. It is possible to make money blogging, but you need the knowledge and you also have to work hard. The nature of making money blogging is that you never know how much money you will earn month-to-month or day-to-day. It is precarious and sometimes scary, but with the right guidance it is possible. As long as you work hard and are prepared to adapt with the times. Here is part one, I hope it helps you on your blogging journey. I will be telling you all you need to know about blogging in a series of articles. You can also check out my book, The Ultimate Guide To Becoming a Successful Blogger.

Affiliate Links.

Affiliate links are a great way to make money, even if you have a small blog which doesn’t get a lot of traffic. If you can build your blog up and get loyal readers who trust you and your judgement, then you can earn a lot of money this way.

Working With Brands.

You can earn a lot of money working with brands. Either by sponsored editorial content, featuring their products, or working together to create your own fashion line or perfume. Yes, you CAN do that. You just have to belief in yourself and work hard. (I know I say work hard a lot. I won’t say sorry, a blog is a business and any business requires a lot of work).

Sponsored Posts.

Years ago I earned a reasonable amount from sponsored posts. Then Google changed their policy to penalise sites that paid for links, and those that featured them. The revenue stream dried up overnight and I had to get creative. Now the negative part is out of the way let me tell you that you can still earn from sponsored posts. I know some of the top personal blogs charge about £750, but the sky is the limit. Even sites like the Daily Mail and the Huffington Post feature sponsored posts. Print magazines do a similar thing with their advertorials. Just flick through any magazine and you will see some of these. Oh, and avoid people who want sponsored posts but try to disguise them as ‘guest posts’.

Public Speaking.

I have done public speaking. Sometimes it pays well and other times they will ask you to do it for free, but you can either promote yourself or sell your books.


Banner ads and general advertising doesn’t make that much money. I am sure it can, but it is not the way to get rich, or even wealthy, blogging. It will cover the blogging costs however, and that is worth something.

Freelance writing.

I have been approached by publications and sites to write for them after they have come across my work. It also makes my internet presence more prominent and helps my brand. (And before you roll your eyes, we are all brands now).

Partnering with Brands.

You can make a lot of money doing this. Building relationships with brands and getting your name out there can result in lots of money and will also give a huge boost to your career.

Books and eBooks.

I have written three books and I publicise them through Frost. Our contributing editor Margaret Graham is also a bestselling author. Write about a subject you know, or even write a novel. If people are reading your blog they already love your writing.

Selling Your Blog.

In 2011 Arianna Huffington sold The Huffington Post for $315 million. Yes, $315 million. That may be an extreme example, but you can sell your blog for quite a bit of money. Some small blogs even sell for £20,000.


Vlogging is huge. There are more YouTube millionaires than ever. You can earn relatively good money from this, but it is a lot of work and an overcrowded market. The good news is that Amazon are taking on YouTube with Amazon Direct Video so you can make money streaming your videos there too. I will write about this more soon.


You can consult by helping businesses and brands to build their blogs. Either by writing, or by giving your creative (and tech, if you are so inclined) opinion.


You can put things behind a paywall and charge for it. This does work with certain content.


I noticed on The Guardian today that they have a donate button at the bottom with the – very true- comment that the powerful will not investigate themselves. If they can do it, you can.


Old school, but sites like Gumtree and Craigslist charge for people to list and make a good amount of money.

Merchandise and Selling Products.

Plenty of sites sell T shirts and such. You could also make your own products.

Public Appearances.

If your blog does very well you can do a Paris Hilton and get paid simply to appear at clubs and events. You may have to wave though. Hard life.

Doing Talks or Teaching.

You can do talks, teach and do workshops. Offer people a solution to their problems and you are doing good while making some money. Pass on your knowledge and educate people.

I will be going through all of the different revenue streams in more detail. It is an amazing time to be a content creator. There are so many creative ways to build your brand and make money. Good luck and I will help you on your journey.

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