Jun 04

Cara Delevingne Fronts I’m Not A Trophy Inaugural Campaign

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Cara Delevingne Fronts I'm Not A Trophy Inaugural CampaignEvery 20 minutes the world adds another 3,500 human lives but loses at least one endangered wildlife species at the same rate. Celebrated supermodel and actress, Cara Delevingne is taking her compassion for animals to new heights and looking to end the unnecessary destruction of endangered species once and for all by becoming the inaugural brand ambassador for the first-ever I’m Not A Trophy campaign. Founded by renowned French artist and photographer, Arno Elias, I’m Not A Trophy is a global initiative that aims to bring awareness to endangered animals, and to the illegal and tragic acts of trophy hunting.

The campaign features original photographs of Cara shot by Arno with artfully imposed wildlife covering her body. The international movement is the first of its kind and is an ongoing initiative to amass a greater education and understanding for malicious acts of trophy hunting and poaching of lions, elephants, rhinos and more. Supporters of the campaign can contribute to a variety of foundations listed on www.imnotatrophy.org, and for those looking to take a little piece of Cara home with them, limited edition prints of the model are available for purchase on the site. Even better, all proceeds from Cara’s prints will benefit wildlife conservation efforts.

Cara’s comment on Arno Elias’ I’m Not A Trophy initiative not only supporting endangered species, but also aiming to empower women as well.
I want to highlight women as powerful figures within our society. Much like the species that are trophy hunted and displayed as prizes, women are often seen as possessions. It’s time for our society to end the treatment of humans and animals as trophies.

Cara speaks to the overwhelmingly increasing issue of poaching and trophy hunting

I knew that illegal poaching and trophy hunting was becoming an epidemic, but after meeting and working with Arno, he really enlightened me on how tragic and serious of an issue this truly is. I am extremely passionate about animals and am so honored to be representing an organization and cause that is fighting for the rights of these innocent lives.
Cara discusses how she met French photographer and artist, Arno Elias, who created the campaign and shot Cara for it.
I was introduced to Arno’s work after falling in love with the images he did for my friend and fellow model, Suki Waterhouse. Suki put us in touch and before we knew it we were in Paris shooting together.

Cara talks about her  involved with the campaign’s initiatives

I plan on being very hands-on with the organization and will do whatever I can to help create awareness for the tragic poaching and trophy hunting that is occurring in Africa. I’m extremely proud to act as inaugural ambassador for the first-ever, international I’m Not a Trophy campaign, a cause that not only benefits endangered species, but empowers women as well.