Aug 03

Little Bat – Neighbourhood Bar and Kitchen

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Pan Am

“Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Bat! How I wonder what you’re at!” – Lewis Carroll

The weird and wonderful musings of Alice in Wonderland have been an inspiration to many in the past. Never going out of fashion, things have just got a little more ‘wonderfuller’. From the utterly genius team who brought us Callooh Callay in Shoreditch, their latest offering comes to us in the form of Little Bat. Located on a residential street off the hustle and bustle of Upper Street, Little Bat is a haven of calm serving up an abundance of innovative and scrumptious cocktails worthy of any Alice In Wonderland tea party. As well as their award winning cocktail menu, this bar does not fail to serve up an assortment of dishes which could whet the appetite of even the most discerning diner.


Franklin Whey + Bombay Cocktail


Bathtub Sour + Hedgerow Smash

It’s rush hour outside but inside, the laid-back, super chill vibes of Little Bat really do take the stresses of the day away. The lay out of the place has been created with feng-shui in mind with moodier, more intimate areas of the bar adorned with comfy booths, to light and airy areas. There is something in here to suit everyones taste from the foliage to the darn impressive cocktail list. We headed first to the sours and worked our way to Whisky. I must admit, someone had recommended the Pan Am to me before I had visited, good shout. I’m not usually a fan of rum, but cocktail mastermind Barney Toy has created the Pan Am with sherbet in mind and this is sherbet in liquid form. I would happily have had seconds or thirds of this but a good start all the same. In fact, we then tried all of the sours on the list and each and everyone is surprising and subtle in it’s own way. Don’t be fooled, they’re all boozy, but with these cocktails each robust and rounded flavours from every ingredient comes through. The Bombay Cocktail was also surprising, the presence of Chardonnay in a cocktail is enough to send anyone into a mental hangover but again, this cocktail is more healthy green juice than booze coma with cucumber making it one of your five-a-day. Don’t quote me on that one! The only mistake was completely self-inflicted, hastily moving onto the Whisky cocktails before we had tried dinner, we recommend you stick to the sours or collins first. Be warned, they pack a punch. There are a mix of different strengths when dealing with the Whisky cocktails, but perhaps try a Franklin Whey before a Hedgerow Smash for example. The clue is in the name.



When it comes to what culinary delights were served up, Little Bat really did good when sourcing their kitchen controllers. From smaller plates to larger plates, we recommend the Lobster Mac n Cheese, The Jerk Chicken and even their Green Bean salad was divine. The quality really does come through in all the elements that make up Little Bat and with the majority of the cocktails priced at £8 it just goes to show that sometimes the best things are in ‘Little’ packages.

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