Sep 02

Pizzolato Showcase their Honest Organic Produce

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Our favourite West London Italian, Pizzicotto famous for their wholesome, organic and sustainable produce and of course their activated charcoal pizzas invited us back once more for an afternoon of cheese and wine. With such a focus on the quality of their products, it made sense to introduce us to the company behind their beautiful organic wine, Pizzolato. Served alongside some traditional Italian Fayre and in good company, we were able to get an insight into how special Pizzolato’s wines really are. With a combination of a wholesome, family run business and exceptional quality produce we were taught about how the organic wines served here are a cut above the rest.


Contrary to popular belief, the ambassadors from Pizzolato explain to us that the art of winemaking was by and large an organic process as chemicals did not arrive until after the 70’s. The Family however decided to keep the wines organic which then further developed into sulphite free wines in 2007. In the case of their prosecco, this produces a much riper fruit and has much of a similar quality to it’s French counterpart Champagne. The outcome is much more complex than your average supermarket prosecco with a shelf life of just around 2 years, the prosecco is enjoyed young, fresh and a pure test of the grape is in a sulphite free wine. If we want to get into the nitty-gritty of why this wine is especially spectacular, we must look at the fact that grapes are picked by hand and the fact that a sulphite free wine has much more clarity than a natural wine which is not filtered. Another reason for the unbelievable drinkable and pure prosecco is that the minerals from the prosecco comes from stones from the Dolomites, the mountain range near to where Pizzolato produce their liquid gold. If that wasn’t enough reason to switch to Pizzolato’s selection of fantastic organic wines, we then learn that they all have a vegan certification meaning that absolutely none of their products come from animal origin as in the case of many wines, the addition of bentonite which produces clarity does carry this source.


With a host of wines to try from the winery, it is not only their prosecco which is outstanding, they also produce a selection of red wines, white wines and dessert wines which ooze an incredibly mineral, fresh and what can almost be described as without the alcoholic taste. Special mention goes to The Barbarossa, the rich intense flavour of this wine comes from the fact that it is produced like the Amarone, one of the finest, richest red wines to come out of Italy. This of course is dry and chocolate and perfect with a big bowl of Pizzicotto’s mouth-watering meat dishes. Now, if this hasn’t made you run for the door to grab some cheese to go with your Pizzolato wine, consider this; Did you know the reason strong cheeses are a good accompaniment to wine is that it brings out the body of the wine due to it containing natural glutamate, which are the natural salts.

Pizzicotto is open Tue-Sun


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