Oct 20

Ekachai Showcase their Brand New Spot in Flat Iron Square

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Smack bang in the middle of Bankside you’ll find brand new foodie hub, Flat Iron Square, and we think this is just the tonic Bankside needs. With a fresh, urban in/out vibe, this is a spot you’re more likely to find in East London but now it’s accessible South of the river too making it handy for all the city dwellers looking for a unique and vibrant new hangout. Made for pretty much everyone with a good appetite, Flat Iron Square will feature food stalls and trucks from well established and quality kitchens from around London as well as a flea market which will run alongside it on the weekend. We were lucky enough to have a tour around the site prior to opening and as you can imagine we are met with… a building site but amongst the hubbub of vendors frantically fixing up signage and getting their kitchens in order, there is one kitchen which is ready for business.


Ekachai, the kitchen famous for South East Asian cooking have been operating a truly Zen ship since 1999 and it’s no different today. Opening their first site in Liverpool Street, more and more outlets have opened throughout the country and it’s no surprise really. Speaking to one of the co-owner’s, he explains the ethos is to create honest and authentic cooking which is true to South-East Asia and moving away from mixing five different kinds of Asian food into one take out box. Well we think the proof is in their fluffy Bao Bun’s, this has certainly warmed up our cold October morning and with a simple but varied menu, they want customers to enjoy quality cooking which promises to be evocative of the street vendors of the Far East. From what we’ve tried the Dim Sum is absolutely dreamy and a refreshing take on street eats so try for yourself. Ekachai is now open for business at Flat Iron Square but also operate outlets in Selfridges London and restaurants in Wandsworth and Liverpool Street.



Flat Iron Square
68 Union Street
London, SE1 1TD