Oct 17

Trump Card: New Book Picks Apart The Empty Policies & Flawed Logic of Donald Trump As a Warning To The World

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Donald Trump, policies, president, Trump Card: New Book Picks Apart The Empty Policies & Flawed Logic of Presidential Candidate Donald Trump As a Warning To The World

~ Trump: Monster or Hero by Mohammad O. Alanjari compares the Trump phenomenon as a disease which could spread across the globe and lead to a new generation of right-wing super-nationalist leaders ~

~ Trump represents the same demagogue archetype as Hitler and his investiture could lead to serious negative economic, social and military repercussions for all nations as well as representing a virtual ‘Jonestown’ suicide pact for the whole of the United States ~
The election of Republican candidate Donald Trump as the next President of the United States of America will spell catastrophe for the UK and Europe, experts warn.


Far from being a bumbling buffoon with wild hair, Trump is said to represents the latest and potentially most dangerous incarnation of an extreme right-wing demagogue, comparable to such vilified historical leaders as Hitler.


His manifesto has little or no basis in reality, it is claimed, and is a shameless attempt at winning popular votes rather than building a workable economic or political blueprint for America.


Trump’s apparent xenophobia and tendency to appeal to common prejudices, meanwhile, will only spark greater social divides, spur on extremist groups such as ISIS and the Ku Klux Klan, and like a “disease” fuel the rise of a new generation of right-wing leaders across

Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.


That is, according to Trump expert and businessman Mohammad O. Alanjari, whose new book – Trump: Monster or Hero – reveals how Trump will inexorably damage not only political relations but also economic, military, technological and social ties across the globe if he succeeds in entering the White House.


Purposefully not a biography, Trump: Monster or Hero instead focuses on the Trump phenomenon, examining his policies and claims in relation to concrete facts and figures to expose the fallacies and empty rhetoric.


The x-page book also looks at where Trump is drawing his support and projects the likely repercussions both for the US, UK and rest of the world if the undisputed leading global powerhouse falls under his, or more likely his super-nationalist backers’, control.


Containing 50 original and informative infographics along with a wealth of little-known facts, figures, statistics and outrageous Trump quotes, this hard-hitting yet approachable book seeks to enlighten readers to the realities behind Trump’s campaign, debunking his thoughts on immigrants, terrorism and employment among others.


Author Mohammad O. Alanjari decided to write the book as a warning to the world, fearing for the future direction of the country that had once liberated his own homeland of Kuwait from Iraqi forces during the first Gulf War.


He said: “Trump as a phenomenon represents a disease in the same way as Hitler did before him. It is vital that people are woken up to the realities of Trump’s threat to the free world before his far-right polices and scapegoating spread across the United States and to other countries.


“Trump, however, is only a reflection of those who support him. He represents a thermometer of the moral and ethical standards of a nation, and has brought to the surface the prejudice and sectarianism that has been bubbling under within the population for some time.


“Yes, there are many issues that America needs to deal with to restore social harmony and generate better economic equality, but Trump is not the man to do this. He will only make things worse while some of his supporters, I fear, are only using him as a ladder to reach their own far-right goals and are forces he won’t be able to control.”


“The United States is the world’s most powerful nation. If Trump were allowed to pursue super-nationalistic policies and cut America off from the world, it would be a disaster leading the US to a virtual Jonestown suicide pact and having a major negative impact on Britain and Europe.”


Trump: Monster or Hero by Mohammad O. Alanjari is out now, published in paperback by Pin Mark Research Center and priced at £22.50, and as a Kindle eBook priced £7.68. Visit www.MonsterOrHero.com.