Nov 24

Christmas Gift List For The Tech Lover

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tileslimTile Slim

This great gadget allows you to find your phone, wallet or anything else. It makes a great gift for the forgetful. It will even make your phone ring if you tap it twice, can be slipped into pockets and it adheres to flat surfaces. I am going to try to attach it to the remote.

Tile Slim is available here.



This absolutely brilliant device ‘mirrors’ what’s on your iPhone in case you lose it or change it. It also automatically backs up your iPhone every¬†time you charge it. We can’t praise it enough.

MEEM Memory for iPhones available here.



This great streaming stick just plugs straight into your TV. It then allows you stream from over 1000 channels. Yes, that is right, 1000 channels. From YouTube, 4OD, Netflix and the BBC iPlayer, there is lots to choose from. Will give hours of fun and entertainment. An ideal present for Christmas when TV watching is at its peak.

Roku Streaming Stick is available here.

moovnowMoov Now

Fitness is more popular than ever and we could not be happier about it. This personal coach and sports tracker not only talks you through your workout, but is also so stylish and gorgeous. It analyses and coaches your form, counts reps for you (very handy!), talks to you as you work out, and has sport-specific metrics. It will tell you if you are landing too hard and makes workouts more fun and challenging. It also does activity and sleep tracking. The perfect gift for a fitness bunny.

Moov Now Wearable Audio Coach is available here.


Alcosense Excel

We could not be more of a fan of this at home breathalyser. It is superb value and it can save your life and your job. It is hard to know if you are over the limit sometimes, especially the next morning. The Alcosense has been in development for three years and it costs less than ¬£100. A brilliant device to keep in your bag. We can’t recommend it enough.

AlcoSense Elite Breathalyzer & alcohol tester is available here.