Feb 17

What a great thing: Flying Brit Attempts to Break Four Wingsuit World Records

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Why on earth would anyone do this?

Fraser Corsan will be facing the gravity defying challenge in a bid to raise £1million for SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity –  a cause close to his heart

 pic 1 fraser

When the two grannies, who run Words for the Wounded with me, did a fundraising sky dive what heroes we thought ourselves. Well, this totally puts us in our place.

In May 2017, British Wingsuit jumper and avid Armed Forces supporter Fraser Corsan, is travelling to the USA and Canada to attempt to break four of the biggest world records in Wingsuit flying. Jumping from a height of over 40,000 feet in what is called ‘Project Cirrus’, Fraser aims to break the distance record of 19 miles, speed record of more than 234 mph and the flight duration record of 9.06 minutes, whilst also breaking the current altitude record of 37,256ft, to raise £1million for SSAFA along the way.

Sixteen years ago, Fraser Corsan was one of only 15 wingsuit pilots globally. Since then, he has completed 1,300 flights, but this year’s extreme challenge is one of the biggest tests of his career. The jump will entail exiting an aircraft at over 40,000ft, whilst battling temperatures of minus 65 degrees Celsius and winds of up to 200 mph.

As I say, puts the grannies efforts into the shade.

Fraser has worked closely with the UK Armed Forces his entire career and is passionate about supporting SSAFA in the work it does. Frost is well aware of the invaluable work SSAFA does, and this vital fundraising target of £1million, will help to positively change the lives of serving personnel, veterans and their families through the incredible work that they do every day. Funds raised will go to support SSAFA’s work in the community through volunteer caseworkers and SSAFA’s confidential helpline Forcesline. It will also help SSAFA to assist service leavers with the difficult transition process out of the Forces via its mentoring scheme and provide welfare services for those veterans of working age who have struggled with the adjustment to civilian life.

pic 2 fraser

In the run up to the jump, Fraser will be embarking on intense muscle and cardio training sessions, in addition to a practicing a set of specific safety drills in the event of Oxygen system, parachute or wingsuit failure. Multiple training flights over UK airfields are taking place when the weather permits, and Fraser also intends to do 100 further endurance flights to fine polish the technology and his flying style to ensure he reaches his goal.

Fraser’s attempts will be supported by Fujitsu, his current employer, and despite his years of experience in a wingsuit, this is a challenge that is only made possible through the support of innovative and revolutionary technology, developed by a dedicated team of specialists across a number of industries. His challenge exemplifies what Fujitsu is about – technology and humans working together to achieve breakthrough results, safely and securely, innovating through technology to achieve more.

Fraser comments: “This is going to be a testing challenge both physically and mentally in my bid to make wingsuit history. However, I am wholeheartedly committed to reaching my fundraising goal in knowing that the £1million target has the potential to help to change the lives of thousands of current serving personnel, veterans and their families through SSAFA’s amazing work”.

Tegan Jones, SSAFA Director of Fundraising said: “We are amazed by Fraser’s objective of smashing four World Records and trying to raise the £1million for SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity. All funds raised will go toward supporting anyone who is serving or has ever served in the British Armed Forces, and their families.”

Frost Magazine and the three grannies of Words for the Wounded wish Fraser all the luck in the world, and want to hear just how it went, how he felt, and how small and beautiful the world looks.

Come on, let’s all help him reach that £1million pound mark.

To donate to SSAFA in support of Fraser’s incredible World Record attempts, visit http://projectcirrus.com/ where all donations raised will go directly to SSAFA.