Mar 14

Get into Your Zone with MYZONE

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Training is changing and we are becoming a nation which is more mindful when concerned with the question: are we active enough? Fitbit’s and Apple Watches seem to be revolutionising our ability to check our statistics frequently. We are in competition with ourselves to beat our steps, practise one minute of mindfulness and compare our data to our friends. With many different types of tracking technology on the market it’s hard to know what is going to work for us. MYZONE have now unveiled that they are not only introducing their new heart rate monitor to the market but they are to go one step further by introducing a subscription service too.

The heart rate monitor technology has cleverly been adapted to be clipped into ‘smart’ clothing, which the company have created, including a men’s compression vest and a women’s sports bra. But the real beauty of the MYZONE subscription is that the MYZONE app will have a library of over 500 interactive classes from Yoga to Cycling for to try wherever you are in the world. The app will not only be available on a wide range of smart devices, but will also provide you with realtime feedback based on your physiological boundaries making this a truly individual service.

All of the products are available to buy via www.myzone.org and the physical activity belt is currently priced at £129.99

The MYZONE app is free to download and available for iOS and Android

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