Apr 18

Coffee Gator – Pour Over Coffee Maker

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pourover coffee maker

Easter break is over and it’s back to work with a vengeance. If you turn to coffee for a kick start Coffee Gator might hit the spot. Pour over has become quite a hipster thing and many are choosing this method of brewing coffee over their flat whites and lattes.

I’ve used a Chemex for many years but I’m not always so good at remembering to buy filter papers, so when I want coffee and I’ve got no filter papers, I’m stuck.

The Coffee Gator pour over coffee maker appealed to me as it has its own laser cut  reusable steel filter cone, so I’d never have to buy filter papers again. At a time when pollution is high and waste has become a topical issue it’s great to see companies tackling this head on.
The pour over coffee pot brews enough for two good mugs worth, just what I want.

If you’re looking to banish instant coffee from your kitchen and start enjoying better coffee, this is a great little coffee brewer.

The pour over method highlights every delicious note and aroma in your coffee in an effortless way.

This high-quality coffee maker is backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and can be purchase for £29.97 (usually £39.99) from coffeegator.com