Apr 21

Winky Lux Make-Up Review: Taylor Swift is a Fan, But Are We?

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Winky Lux Make-Up ReviewWinky Lux make-up caught my eye thanks to its awesome packaging, bold colours and original ideas. It helps that all their make-up is gluten free, vegan and cruelty free. Taylor Swift is using their colour ‘Bond’ at the moment and looks fab. The range is full of inventive beauty products from Diamond Powders, PH Flower Balms to Lightbox highlighters. The brand has just launched their Matte Lip Pills. I got sent some of their products to review. Here is what I thought.
 Kitten Powder Eyeshadow
Cute packaging, cute name and a great colour. Wins all-round. It has a great texture and is good for blending and creating definition.
Light Box Strobing Balm
A highlighter is always an essential addition to any make-up bag. Since having a child I always put some on before a special event. Or when I want to look like I am not dead. This is a brilliant balm with high impact. The cream is smooth and melts into the skin. It feels good applying it and leaves you glowing.
Lip Velvour in Mermaid
Now this is not usually a colour I would go for, but it looks stunning and dramatic. A strong, high-impact teal. I love the lipstick pills. It is hard to be original in the make-up industry and these are really striking and stand out. It is a great lipstick that goes the distance. Feels good on your lips too. It is also paraben free.
lipvelvourmermaidWinkyLux Mermaid.lipstick
Flower Balm Pink
This is my favourite lip balm ever. I mean, just look at it. When I took it out of the box I almost gasped. It truly is a thing of beauty. I almost didn’t want to use it. The flower inside is just such a great detail. The lip balm itself is great of course but when you could just stare at it instead, who cares?
Pink Flower Balm pH Stain Winky Luxflowerbalm
Glossy Boss Romeo And Juliet
This is a great long-lasting lip gloss. I love the colour, which is perfect for me. I usually hate lip gloss but this has none of the usual stickiness associated with other glosses and is lightweight. It gives sheer colour and shine. It is infused with vanilla for delectable application.

winkyluxlipglossI really love Winky Lux. I have become quite jaded over the years but I really love this brand. Their packaging, originality and the actual make-up itself is such a winning combination. I feel this is the start of a long love affair.
In Winky Lux news, the digital cosmetic has released its range of Matte Lip Velour in ‘Lip Pills’ in a range of unique shades from Blue Moon, Mermaid, Meow Winky Lux, the new luxury yet affordable digital cosmetic line is now available in the UK.

Ultra long-wearing matte lipstick delivers intense pigment with a delectably lightweight moussy texture. Infused with natural vanilla for the ultimate lip experience, this lipstick is packed with suspended pigments to give lips a cushiony, plush feel. All products are cruelty free, vegan and gluten free!

Matte Lip Velour​ in Mermaid Shades, Purples & Darks, Nudes, Marzia Mattes, Reds & Pinks.

Price: ​£13.00

Available: ​Asos.com