May 11

Baileys Launch New Iced Coffee Cans

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Hip Hooray, the Sun’s out and finally we don’t need a fireplace to enjoy the delicious taste of Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur. Introducing the pick-me-up you’ve been waiting for… Baileys Iced Coffee. For the very first time Baileys lovers’ can enjoy the delicious taste of Baileys on the go in a convenient single serve can. Available in Iced Coffee Latte and Iced Coffee Mocha, the creamy, velvety combination of Baileys Irish Cream, pure milk and Arabica and Robusta Coffee go down as smooth as silk. Pure refreshing indulgence from start to finish. It’s a revelation, who doesn’t love an iced coffee, but on a lazy Saturday afternoon with the sun shining bright we like it laced with Baileys. So swap your regular Irish coffee with a Baileys Iced Coffee, we tried ours as a digestif and this will be firmly on our menu for all the warm summer evenings ahead of us…

Baileys Iced Coffee Latte (200ml, 4% ABV) and Baileys Iced Coffee Mocha (200ml, 4% ABV) will be available in a store near you for RSP £1.90.

Find out more here; Baileys