May 14

Corkcicle Canteens and Tumblers

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corkcicle-canteenmed top off R

Time to ditch that boring flask and brighten up your day with the Corkcicle Canteen. What a joy to have something bright, funky and functional in which to store your favourite tipple. The Corkcicle Canteen will keep your drink cold for 25 hours and hot for 12.

It comes in a triple-insulated stainless steel casing with easy grip flat sides. It also features a non-slip bottom which comes in handy if you’re balancing it on the dashboard as I am wont to do.

The Canteen comes in multiple sizes and colours  – and what lovely colours they are.  They also come in a collection of three beautiful finishes including gloss, brushed and matte.

Available in Small (235ml), Medium (473ml) and Large (710ml –  a full bottle of wine – and why not!)

They not only look great they actually do keep your drink hot or cold for the stated time. Perfect for even the longest journey.

Drinking is such an important part of the day, whether it is your morning coffee, a beer at a picnic or a glass of wine by the fire so why be dull when you can be bright and bold.


Also available as a tumbler.

You can now keep your favourite drinks cold for up to 9 hours and warm for up to 3in the Corkcicle Tumbler.

Its innovative design features a non-slip bottom and easy grip sides to ensure that it fits perfectly into your hand. Just like the Corkcicle Canteen, the Tumbler range comes in a range of different sizes and colours.

Prices start at:    Canteen £20     Tumbler £22