May 19

Explore the Artic with Hape

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Yes, I know we are still waiting for the warm weather but while we do why not treat the children (or yourself) to one of these beautiful wooden puzzles from George Luck at Hape. 

The puzzle comes on a wooden base with two pictures that fit neatly, one on top of the other. It’s so lovely to take off one layer to reveal another picture underneath. Tiny fingers will love the feel of the smooth wooden shapes.

Jigsaw puzzles have long been recognised for helping develop a child’s dexterity skills and shape recognition, as well as the important co-ordination of hands and eyes.

George Luck has created an Artic Animals adventure to be enjoyed from 5 years upwards.

This two-layer puzzle introduces your child to a range of animals from the frozen North. Make friends with the furry Polar Bears, friendly Walrus or even the amazing Whale!  Gather together all 36 pieces and embark on an adventure.

Have fun with your child finding the animals, snow, water and sky to build a truly magical winter wonderland. Watch as the big Polar Bear looks through a hole in the ice, ready to catch its dinner!

This puzzle, as with all Hape Toys, teaches your child a range of valuable skills such as: developing special awareness, hand-eye co-ordination and problem solving skills.

Best of all, George Luck puzzles are created using non-toxic finishes, water based paints, and only the highest quality child safe materials.

Hape’s Artic Animals for ages 5+ is available online from Debenhams for £13.00.