Jun 15

At Long Last Love By Milly Adams Review

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Milly Adams has quite a few books under her belt now and they just keep getting better. She mixes a great talent for fiction writing with a historians gift of facts, weaving the talent and the knowledge together to make the most enjoyable, and readable, war fiction out there. I almost read At Long Last Love in one day. And I would have if my toddler had not been hanging off me. This riveting book is a real page turner, with enough drama and twists to keep you guessing. All books play like a movie in your head, but this one should be made into a real-life one. It has it all: war, spying, the claustrophobia of small village life, family drama, the lot. I loved this book and the characters in it. Grab it before you go off on holiday. It is perfect summer reading.

‘Would anyone ever think of her with real love?’

It’s July 1942, and twenty-three year old nightclub singer Kate Watson has made a home for herself in bombed-blitzed London. A motley crew of friends has replaced the family she’s not spoken to in years. That is until the evening Kate’s sister Sarah walks back into her life.

Sarah has a favour to ask: she needs Kate to return home to Dorset for one month to look after her daughter, Lizzie. Reluctantly Kate agrees, even though it means facing the troubled past she hoped she’d escaped.

Kate is confronted once again by the prejudice and scrutiny of the townsfolk, including the new village vicar. As the war continues, Kate must fight her own battles and find not only the courage to forge a future but perhaps, at long last, love.

A compelling new Second World War novel. Perfect for fans of Katie Flynn and Ellie Dean.

At Long Last Love is available here.