Jul 17

Inner-Soul Roses and Lemons Daily Nourish Kit Review

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Inner-Soul’s Roses and Lemons Daily Nourish Kit Review

We love natural skin care so decided to review InnerSoul‘s trio of 100% natural, certified organic products. We reviewed a trio of products:  Roses and Lemons Tender Cleanse Balm, Barefaced Beauty Natural Serum and Supreme Comfort Daytime Moisturiser. The cleanse balm removes make up well and leaves skin feeling super clean. It is gentle and smells great. The serum can be mixed with the moisturiser and also smells great. It has vitamin C in which is known to be great for skin. The moisturiser feels very nourishing. It doesn’t have an SPF in which would be my only complaint. All three of the products feel great on skin and smell good. They are 99%, 41% and 81% organic respectively. They have a good range of ingredients and are gentle while leaving skin looking great. The samples we were sent were not enough to use for a long length of time so we can’t say if the products make a good, long-term difference to skin, but we were impressed overall. Good stuff.


Give your skin the treatment it deserves every day with InnerSoul‘s trio of 100% natural, certified organic products to cleanse, nourish and moisturise. Presented in a beautiful organic silk drawstring pouch and includes 55ml Cleanse Balm and Moisturiser and 15ml Serum. £59.00

Emma believes that a daily skincare routine including massage equals happier, healthier skin and this kit makes it simple for you to achieve this. Roses and Lemons Tender Cleanse Balm, award-winning Barefaced Beauty Natural Serum and Supreme Comfort Daytime Moisturiser have been designed to balance dry, sensitive and mature skin types with antioxidant-rich fruit and flower extracts leaving you nourished, soft and glowing.
TIP: Become your own skincare expert by simply mixing as much or as little of the face serum with the moisturiser in your hand before applying and see how your skin responds.
InnerSoul is all about boosting inner confidence through treatment of the skin holistically to nourish, balance and enhance.
InnerSoul’s Founder Emma Coleman is a qualified Aesthetic Nurse, Clinical Aromatherapist and Skin Nutritionist and offers clients a comprehensive range of bespoke skincare treatments and solutions through a combination of science and nature with natural & organic skincare, facials, rejuvenating treatments and aesthetic injectables.