Aug 14

Cut out the holiday hassle with Bramley

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It’s stressful enough packing for holiday without decanting your favourite products into little plastic bottles to pass security regulations. Now you don’t have to as Bramley have introduced a range of their larger size products into 50ml and 100ml bottles

Bramley’s countryside inspired collection of bath, body and hair products are available to buy separately so that you can mix and match to create your perfect collection.

We tested the shampoo and conditioner. After a hectic day travelling the lemon, mandarin and rosemary essential oils in Bramley shampoo and conditioner gave an instant lift and soothed frayed nerves. The smell was heavenly and the combination of products left hair feeling soft and glossy. Both products are gentle on the hair and can be used daily.

Bramley use only the highest quality essential oils which not only have renowned therapeutic effects but also naturally fragrance their products. They contain 100% natural botanicals and do not use any artificial colours or ingredients and do not test on animals.

Available in sizes: 50ml or 100ml


Lemon, mandarin and rosemary essential oils are combined to create a softening conditioner.


Available in sizes: 50ml or 100ml


Other travel size products available Hand Wash, Hand Cream, Body Lotion, Body Wash, Bubble Bath and Travel Candles