Aug 23

Do You Want to Wake up Looking Good With Minimal Effort?

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Well now you can with Miroblading and Permanent Makeup from El Truchan at Perfect Definition.

If low maintenance is your thing, microblading or a permanent makeup treatment could be just what you need to make your life that little bit easier.

Have permanently perfect brows, eyeliner or lipstick and wake up with make up every day. Whether you love a bold dramatic look to your makeup or prefer a low-key natural effect, there’s a permanent cosmetic treatment for you.

The beauty of Microblading or Permanent Makeup is that it really is for women of all ages. It is the perfect way to enhance the natural beauty of your face and overall look.

It is also a great alternative to minimising the time spent each morning in front of the mirror doing your beauty routine. Instead you can wake up with perfectly applied makeup, without having to constantly reapply throughout the day.

For older women, Permanent Makeup can be used as a successful anti-ageing treatment without having to go under the knife.


Microblading/Permanent Makeup Eyebrows

Due to ageing the muscle tone decreases and the skin starts to lose elastine making your eyebrows sag and droop, as you get older. Some women seek surgical face-lifts to lift the brows and give their face a more youthful appearance. However, expertly applied Hair Stroke Brows that ‘mimic’ individual brow hairs, in a shape that creates an optical lift, while complementing the natural bone structure of the face can be just as effectively used to make your eyebrows look great without the need of expensive surgery.

Additionally, years of over-plucking means that hairs will often be sparse, something that a surgical face lift unfortunately can’t treat. 

Permanent Makeup Lips

Lips tend to become thinner, colourless and lose definition with ageing due to the loss of collagen, a protein found in our skin. Permanent Makeup / Micropigmentation – creates the perfect lips, which are full, well defined and healthy, this alone is sufficient to give back the shape and definition that age has taken away from the lips while adding colour for further rejuvenation.

Permanent Makeup Eyeliner

Our eyes appear to be sunken as we age, due to the fat from the eyelids sinking back into the eye sockets. This is a direct result of bags developing under the eyes, creating the dreaded ‘crow’s feet’.

The loss of elasticity in the skin makes eyelids droop, taking the attention away from the eyes, which is why the use of expertly applied eyeliner is essential.

Lashes lend to get thinner and weaker with age as well and despite all the products in the market there is very little that can be achieved to prevent that.

Permanent Makeup eyeliner is ideal if you are looking to deceive the effects of ageing and accentuate the eyes.

El is one of the experts in the industry and will be able to advise you on the best shape and colour that’s suits you.

All her treatments are bespoke and every client gets treated individually to their own needs.

About El Truchan 

El Truchan is a fully Qualified, Certified and Insured Microblading, Permanent Makeup, Micro-needling and Medical Tattoo Specialist. She holds Advanced Practitioner qualifications in Permanent Cosmetics as well as an International Accreditation from The Society of Permanent Cosmetics Professionals. She is a member of SPCP and the Royal Society of Medicine.

El is also a Trainer at Nouveau Contour & KB Pro Academy for Microblading, Permanent Cosmetics and Medical Tattooing – part of the Nouveau Beauty Group – the UK and International leading experts in Permanent Cosmetics.

On the Medical tattoo side – El performs 3D Nipple & Areola Tattooing, Scalp Microblading and Micropigmentation – hair simulation, Vitiligo Camouflage Tattooing, Cleft Lip & Lip Features Recovery.

El also performs Facial & Body Aesthetics Micro-needling procedures including Wrinkle Therapy, Stretch Marks Reduction, Scar Relaxation and Pigment Recovery Stimulation.

For more information visit – www.perfectdefinition.co.uk or contact El directly – info@perfectdefinition.co.uk

El works from a number of London locations including –


Stonehealth Clinic

LG Floor,

36-38 Cornhill, Bank,





Bouton de Rose

2 Cochrane House, Admirals Way, Canary Wharf,


E14 9UD


Wimpole Therapeutics

2 Wimpole St,



You can also find more information on El by visiting her Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/perfectdefinition/