Aug 31

Justice League Film To Bring Different Caped Crusader Says Ben Affleck

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While many people quite liked the dark, out-for-blood Batman that squared off against Superman in the Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice film, Batman actor Ben Affleck has said the superhero won’t quite be the same in the new Justice League film. This comes a month after Affleck had to deny media rumors regarding his departure from the series. The Chasing Amy star told the press that not only would he be staying on as Bats, but he would be changing his demeanor to fit with the mood of the upcoming Justice League film.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, he said “BvS departed a little bit from the traditional Batman. He started out with all this rage directed at Superman…” However, it seems Batman is turning over a new leaf with the Justice League as he struggles to assemble a team of heroes and make them a cohesive unit. Affleck then goes on to say fans should expect to see a Batman more familiar for people who read the comics – one that’s a bit more heroic and less focused on revenge.

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But as any fan of the comics knows, that could suggest quite a lot. Are we talking about the Batman that spouts off righteous one-liners before he finishes a fight, or is this the softer spoken Bats that disappears having the last word? Often times, Batman can act many different ways. He is, after all, so cherished because he’s complex in ways that many superheroes are not *cough* Superman *cough*, so what’s the formula Affleck is looking to use? It’s clear that Batman was emotional and a bit more rough with his foes when compared to Christoper Nolan’s take on the hero, but dialling back the drama a bit seems to be a route Affleck is looking to explore.

If we look at some of the Justice League source material, Batman is around for the formation of the group but starts out as an “on-call” member. Elsewhere, such as in the Justice League slot machine, Superman is portrayed as the central figure in the video game art. Oddschecker even has sign-up bonuses available for multiple sites housing the game so it’s a title viewed and played by many. Despite not being seen as the head honcho, Bruce puts his life on the line all the time. While some might argue that Superman is the face of the Justice League, Batman often commands the group in the heat of the moment or when a clever plan must be devised. However, it looks like Batman is going to need to do it all with Superman, at the very least, incapacitated at the end of Batman vs. Superman. In the more recent New 52 comics that relaunched the DC universe, Batman seems to be more or less the leader of the group. In this, we might expect to see some of Affleck’s claims come to fruition as the senior superhero has to pull together a team of younger recruits such as Cyborg and the Flash.

Affleck goes on to say this very position of power mixed with the task of team leader is where much of the film’s excitement will come from. “He’s put in this position of having to reach out, find other people, convincing them to do something. The actor goes on to say the movie will be more about multilateralism and the focus of the movie is on the formation of the team and whether or not they have what it takes to work together.

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A promo picture and website for the Justice League film put that thought on full display as it shows members of the group standing front to back with Batman in the center. Words read “Unite The League,” and the picture fails to show the Son of Krypton, Superman. So, perhaps in the Kryptonian’s absence, Batman will step up and lead with a cool head. It would certainly seem so if we’re to take Affleck at his word but it’s all conjecture until the movie finally comes out November 17, 2017.

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