Aug 02

The Future of Online Gaming

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Two factors have led to a surge in the growth of online gambling in recent years. The increased availability of smartphones combined with greater access to quality wi-fi has assisted in the boom of this 21st century industry. More online casinos are recognising that mobile gaming is the way the market is heading, and so if your site is not optimized for use on a smartphone you are going to lose a whole lot of customers. The online gaming industry is one which is always looking to the future, so let’s take a look at what lies around the corner for real money gaming products.

One big innovation in recent years has been the impact of skill-based gaming. This allows players to use their skills to influence the outcome of games, rather than just relying on luck. There are a million ways to win the lottery, but even this requires a certain amount of intelligence in terms of which lottery to play and when to play it. The new generation of games is going to take things a step further though. Already companies like Skillzgaming are bringing online games to market which use an element of skill. For example they have a title called Fruit Blast which is basically a real money version of mobile games like Candy Crush and Bejeweled. Adding the element of skill into games allows the player to influence the outcome, which is not the case with traditional slot games, although as with all such games the casino will still have an edge over the player.

The concept of skill-based games taps into another trend which is shaping the future of online gaming. That is the ‘gamification’ of online casinos and betting, which basically means blurring of the lines between gambling and fun online games. The games mentioned above are a perfect example of this, but that’s not the only way that gamification of gambling manifests itself. New casinos are now introducing the concepts of ‘levelling up’ in place of traditional loyalty schemes. You will also find a lot more tournaments where players can complete against each other by playing a particular game, to try and top the leader-board so as to earn greater rewards.

Another interesting development within the gaming industry has been the rise in use of virtual reality headsets. The sky is the limit as far as these devices are concerned, as they could play a crucial role in the way we experience online gambling in the future. Already some online betting sites are incorporating virtual reality into selected games, allowing for a completely immersive gaming experience. The technology is still at a relatively early stage though, meaning that we can expect to see huge changes in the future as VR tech moves into the mainstream.

Online gambling is certainly an industry on the rise at the moment, and it looks like the future is bright for this business. We can only wait and see just what the future will bring.

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