Aug 22

Yes, You’re A Parent. But You’re Also a Person – And a Friend!

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Hanging out with your friends once kids are part of the equation can seem almost impossible. When you’ve got busy lives, it can be real tough to actually do something for yourself, let alone in a group with other people in your situation. However, your friends know the “real you”, the person defined by something other than the sole fact they have reproduced. It’s important to reclaim that person from time to time, which is why it’s imperative that you let your hair down every now and again.

Hit The Bars

If you can find a trusted babysitter, hold on to them for dear life! People you trust to take care of your kids are hard to come by – especially when you can’t ask a friend, because they’ll be coming out, too! Of course, the temptation to get out can be overwhelming, but we mustn’t sacrifice safety – just make sure you’re careful when searching for a sitter, and also make sure you communicate to them everything they need to know.

Bar hopping is the ultimate in “no kids allowed” activities, and although you probably shouldn’t carry on like you’re still in your college days, there’s no harm in dressing up and truly letting go just once in a little while.

Play Some Grown Up Games

As much as we love our kids, the thousandth game of Operation or Kerplunk can give us nightmares for weeks! Games as adults don’t have to be quite so tedious, and thankfully, many of the best are altogether unsuitable for children, anyway! Cards Against Humanity is a huge hit at parties, offering adults the opportunity to be a little bit naughty and play cards (literally) that they normally wouldn’t dream of.

If you’re looking for a more serious game that also trains the brain, poker is a classic option. Trying to keep a straight face is something people have been trying to perfect for years, and you know what they say – practice makes perfect! Nobody can argue with the fact that keeping a straight face – just like bluffing successfully – is a useful skill to have in our personal and professional lives too, so you can feel confident that you’re actually improving yourself while having fun. Of course, finding the time to actually go to a casino can be quite the challenge, so remember that there’s an option to play poker online. For those that are afraid that they’ll miss the social aspect of playing a round or two in person, poker operator 888poker offers “face to face” webcam poker, which uses your camera and allows you to see the faces of your opponents while you play online.

Get Away

Once the little ones are that little bit older, you may be able to escape for more than just one evening (imagine that)! Of course, you probably won’t want to go too far away, but if there’s a city nearby, you could always splurge for a hotel. Nice food, a few drinks, and some good, clean fun. What’s not to love?

Of course, sometimes you do need to compromise. A trip with the kids to a resort where there is childcare available is a middle ground. The kids have their fun in the day, and the adults have theirs at night. There are plenty of family adventures right here in the USA, that could easily double as a whole group getaway.

Remember, before parenthood, there was personhood. That part of you doesn’t just disappear because you have children. Live for them – but also live for you.